At Terra Cat we are committed to the development of our team members

We provide the on the job training required to be able to complete your tasks effectively so you become familiar with the site and our procedures.

For our technical roles we have an in-house training facility, Gough Institute of Training, based in Christchurch which provides excellent opportunities for up to date training so our technicians can continually develop their knowledge. Terra Cat runs regular training for our nationwide team of more than 450 highly skilled technicians.

Leadership and Development Training

Whether you are in a technical or non-technical role we provide an ongoing Leadership and development Training Program. This program is available to our key leadership positions across many levels of the organisation and all of our business units. The program has been custom designed based on Terra Cat's leadership standards and values. This program is being progressively rolled out to leadership roles throughout the company.

The Gough Institute of Training

Machine-Servicing smlThe Gough Institute of Training (GIT) is our own in-house training institute. Formed in 2002 it comprises technical trainers with more than 35 years Caterpillar experience and covers both the North and South Island’s to provide on-going support to the Terra Cat's business’s and team members.

GIT oversees and supports the Apprentice and Skills Upgrade Programme through recruitment, on-going support and guidance through to qualification management and specialised technical training to ensure we develop the best people to service our customers.

GIT also provide specialised training for our technical staff across all levels so they are able to continually develop their knowledge and skills as they progress in their career. The Institute can help source external training required for all team members and look after all the training records to ensure we keep track all of the training that is carried out. This allows our managers to best plan their team skills and knowledge to ensure individual and company success.

The Institute has a close association with technical institutes and industry training organisations across New Zealand. This allows us to support and develop the classroom learning required by our team members to meet their academic requirements.

Specialist Programs

Terra Cat offers specialist development programs in the following areas;

•    Apprentice Program
•    Skills and Qualifications Upgrade
•    Parts Cadetship

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