Component Rebuild Centre

built to last

  • Full engine & component rebuild
  • Hydraulic & power train rebuild
  • Major power train component exchange service

The Component Rebuild Centre (CRC) at our Hornby site in Christchurch is dedicated to offering product support solutions for our customers and branches alike.

The cost of replacing a complete engine, driveline, hydraulic component or cylinder can be extensive, so rebuilding a single component can result in significant cost savings.

Customers can deliver the component needing repair to any Terra Cat branch where it will be freighted to the CRC to be stripped, washed and moved through the rebuild assembly line in a contamination controlled environment.

The state of the art contamination control technology in the CRC is complemented by investment in new tooling including an engine dynamometer and transmission test cell that enables Terra Cat technicians to service all compontentry - even from the most technologically advanced equipment.