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Access to My.Cat.Com, Product Link, VisionLink and SOS Services Manager.


Cat Connect technologies and services are designed to meet the specific needs of your unique fleet and business. You can choose a
single product or service, if that’s all you need, or connect multiple options across your jobsites.

Whether you run a single asset, manage a mixed fleet or oversee several sites, Cat Connect and your Cat dealer can help you find the best ways to build your success—and realize gains that go straight to your bottom line.


Cat Inspect Application Videos 

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The new My.Cat.Com portal offers a secure, convenient, online environment for Cat machine users to manage your business through the purchase, operation and support of your equipment, that includes owned and rented Cat machines, and other machine brands.

It’s filled with useful resources, tools and contact information that will help power your productivity.

Your personal login also provides seamless access to Cat.com, Parts.cat.com, Service Information System (SIS) and VisionLink.

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Remote access to electronic data from your equipment is the first step to uncovering additional value in your business. VisionLink is the user-friendly web interface for Product Link. It allows you to track the location and status of equipment; monitor utilisation, availability and health; respond to repair and maintenance indicators more quickly.

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Cat App

A simple, easy-to-use fleet management tool, the Cat App makes your equipment easy to track, gives access to real-time data and offers actionable insights.

The Cat App allows you to:

  • Track hours, location, fuel and utilisation
  • Monitor machine health
  • Stay on top of maintenance
  • Order parts and request service
  • Activate Product Link devices

Keep your operation running smoothly while saving time and money.

Download the Cat App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.


SOS Services Manager

Terra Analytical makes fluid analysis faster, easier and more convenient for you with SOS Services Manager. This online reporting system allows you to have your sample data, detailed reports and recommendations at your finger-tips.

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